March 2011 marks the 150th anniversary of the first railway journey on the Rosedale Railway which links Battersby with the mining sites in Rosedale, North Yorkshire. The railway was set up to transport iron products from the Rosedale mines to the main railway lines that ran from Battersby to Iron Works in North East England. At its peak, over 2000 people worked on the enterprise.

The route is spectacular and goes across the North York Moors for 17 miles. Much of the track bed is still visible and can be walked or cycled. In addition much of the fabric of the Rosedale Mines still remains.

There is considerable local interest in all aspects of the Railway and mining operations and much archive material is available. Our vision is to develop a web based resource to pull together all aspects of the Railway and Mines and provide an ongoing resource for the groups and communities along the path.

Throughout the site we make liberal use of photographs and we are grateful to all who have loaned material. We are particularly indebted to Malcolm Bisby who has allowed us unlimited access to his extensive archive.

We have tried as far as possible to avoid infringement of any copyright but if we have failed to do so, we apologise. We will respect any legitimate request to remove material or print an appropriate acknowledgement.

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